“Those pains who shout the loudest, get the most attention!”.

It’s been another amazing week of revelation, mainly about myself obs. Week 4 of having the sprain on the right ankle and fracture on the left left, I realised that my other ankle (the left) felt equally as bad as the one that was getting all the attention. The right one !! Or was it really the wrong one?

Because the big who har was all around the pain in my leg and left ankle. My little adorable ankle on the right was quietly suffering away all by itself in the big grey boot of luxury (free also from the NHS). Hooray for the NHS, my crutches also a loan from the pain management clinic also NHS). But it made me realise that just because there was a greater physical pain taking my attention, there was an underlying problem, a less vocal one, it was my left ankle silently crying out for help.

So once I realised this, I un-booted and gave it my full attention, Arnica, special cream with calandula – It got my thoughts of healing and low and behold. It started to feel better.

It was apparent that those pains who shout the loudest, get the attention. This I thought, actually is not only about my leg but about people… As facebook springs to mind, I think about all the lovely stuff people write, positive quotes, lovely photo’s of inspiring places. Then there are those who quietly have a bad day (which is normal) and HELLLOOOOO there are those who shout it from the proverbial roof top, now platform of Facebook.

I immediately feel the pain for these people and start to help by not liking the status but putting the emoji with the little tear (sends a better empathy) then some kind words saying all things pass (which they ultimately do) I know this.

But then oops, ping ping ping 2ooo other people kick in with words of help, you get notified for each one, you are mildly impressed by the love these people are sending… How sweet.

Then you wonder if they actually do have a problem or are they just a little mal adjusted by the lunar cycle? (It’s a thing).

I am

But do you have a real Mental Health Problem? Please go and see your DR to help you. If you have tried all the Mindset work and painted till you cannot paint any more. Then see professional medical help. Please.

The moon changes my mood. There is is out now…I have realised that
I am one of those people who is actually affected by the moon cycle.

Wow it feels like I’m coming out- I feel for all my gay friends and urge other gay friends to just come out easily). Choose your entrance into your new “out there” world. Either slither into it like a baby snake, pinging it’s huge eyes open to see the world (at a very low level) for the first time. Or hurl yourself into your reality like a cork from a bottle of champagne. Positively fire it across a room and say “I AM HERE, I AM OUT, I AM GAY, I AM AFFECTED BY THE MOON, I BELIEVE IN THE UNIVERSE, ANGELS, GOD, I AM A ME, YES I AM A ME”.

It’s a science !!! (back to the moon thing)

Moon the Phases

So is your facebook status a cry for help? Or have you not realised yet that you are meant to have down days?

Ask yourself, am I really having a bad day? Share this with a very close friend. Someone who you really trust. I really believe that you attract more of what you put out there. But if you share with a trustworthy, non judgemental friend you enable yourself to release it – recognise it as a few days of “down” not who you are really and it certainly won’t last (nothing does remember). Then you can do your uplifting vibrational energy work and get through the days as best you can.

Is your low time, hormonal? Is it Moon cycle? Learn a bit about yourself – Allow yourself to be Under par (hate to use a golf expression but Tommy Fleetwood is playing in the open today and I hope he plays well under par). Funny how I use Under Par as a bad thing but in reality its a good thing ??? Confusing hey?

You may have a slight problem that may need addressing, if you feel like going out at midnight and howling at the moon (he he ) I would love to do that. Gerry Hall would be proud of me. But do consider the neighbours and watch out for the little white van coming to take you away ha ha hee he la lar. But mental health issues are real, but do you have a real issue. Or are you the Normal one?

A Chinese doctor once told me to “think like a normal person”. I was in a little bit of a panic mode at the time. Trying everything to heal my body of disease. She wanted me to think like a healthy person. Not a person with illness. But I like thinking like a crazy person, I love to fill my mind with interesting stuff. Such as ……

Heres’ a wolf puppy howling at the moon. (so cute)

Wolf pupppy howling at moon

So there is little evidence that the wolf is actually howling because of the moon – they just like to howl ???? (spot any similarities there he he )…..

On a full moon the wolves are likely to be out and about because of the light, therefore more active, and so a bit of howling goes hand in glove !!!

I thought the “Moonies” were affected by the moon but no they were a cult (not a nice thing) who followed a mad bloke who’s surname was Moon.

The actual moon people were the Lunar…. tics and we don’t want to be one of those now do we?

Probably a good way to be is to recognise that we have what I like to call a “dippy down day” or 4 but don’t think it’s how you are.

Anyway that was just part of my week.

As this is a diary and I realise that you don’t want to spend all day reading it. I will as a heartfelt gesture to getting on in life with your own stuff, now list my week.

1. Trip on boat
2. Boat leaked- drenching Simon at 4am (lol)
3. Fixed leak (previous owner had not cleaned out little holes) easy fix
4. Had a nice day floating watching the sun go down blowing bubbles and being generally relaxed and free from stress.
5. Made a boaty video which Positive Audio Man has put binaural tones over as a fab meditation (link below) Carl Foster and Team are genius !!!
6. Had a lovely coffee with my lovely friend Deb.. always fun
7. Had a gorgeous picnic lunch with my friend Donna and her adorable grandchild Effie, we painted, blew bubbles (obs) and played hide and seek – perfect
8. Made a positive Audio Pod (pop up tent with throws, cushions etc)
9. Did a fab interview with Adriana Mendez Snowden – link below
10. Had a lovely lunch out with my mum, we went to the Aviary near Ormskirk – delicious.
11. Put my calories into MY Fitness Pal
12. Did dumbells and stretches everyday
13. Meditated
14. Thought about doing ironing (didn’t do it)
15. Watched TV
16. Over thought loads of stuff
17. Made a decision to do a monthly coaching meet up in Liverpool
18. Looked at butterflies, bees, sunflowers, raindrops, the grass going green again.
19. Eat lots of salad
20. Went to the quiz (epic fail)
21. Bought 5 pairs of sensible shoes on line
22. Had wonderful images done for me by Adriana Mendez Snowden
23. Lovely treatment by Sharon at the Dairy Holistic Hub in Southport (loved this)

There we are that should do it.

I hope you have had a lovely week too. There will be no photo’s of my new shoes just yet. Let’s just say that wearing a yoga mat under foot at present is the way to go.

Be you, be happy, raise your vibes.

So go on put your high vibe music on and rock out to your fav tunes.

Love from me to you.


Gill Fell

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Meditation collaboration with Positive Audio –

My new photo of me by Adriana Mendez Snowden

Positive not perfect - Gill Fell (no link)


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