Blog 94 … Narcissistic people and how to deal with them.

This subject has come up in conversations a lot lately – so I have done a little re-blog xxxxx Stay up there people xx

Gill Fell

Have you been bullied, have you been verbally abused by someone you thought was a “Nice person”. Have you been lured into a false sense of friendship by someone, but somehow they never let you speak, or pull you down when you do?

We’ve talked about Toxic people in another blog and these Narcissistic people are the worst you can have around you. Because they are a wolf in sheeps clothing, the smiling assassin – they lure you into a make believe situation that you have a real friend then they turn on you – quick as a flash they bring you down!!

After the awful situation of someone basically slandering me, after and now it seems before, the death of my beautiful friend Betty, someone close to Betty has introduced me to this word and told me to research it.

Narcissism !!!! I had already hear of the word…

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