Hello…. Prepare your pants drawer for a life change moment…..

Life changes so rapidly sometimes, we are one minute ticking along and the next  … thrown of our motorbike, airlifted to hospital and have broken our pelvis, front and back. Leaving us in hospital, operations, blood transfusions and then months of incapacity and healing… Well that’s what happened to my friend Keith last week….. He’s a carer and had just won an award for being carer of the month. He is the most lovely person, kind and funny and full of  healing.  He is a Reiki master so it wont take him long to recover.  But that’s not the point here.

It’s the fact that life changes all the time and for Keith, it was bam….. he was going for his lunch!  There was no way he was planning lunch in Aintree Hospital !

Life can Change quickly.

So that was Keith, now me, I was going to fetch the toy for my dog Jas (Full title Princess Jasmine Fell) in the garden and I have these little steps down and my dodgy already injured right ankle decided to “go” just as I was stepping down, which meant that I fell on the right side, bounced off a plant pot and smacked my other ankle and my fibula fractured as I landed on the corner of a stepping stone….. Life change moment hellooooooo.

Have you prepared for a life change moment?  Is your knicker drawer tidy? Have you left some ready prepared healthy meals in the freezer for your family?  Have you expressed you would like to donate your organs?  Or leave your body to science? Did you kiss the cat, your partner, or the poster of George Clooney on the way out? Did you express your never failing love to all your facebook friends on the train to work?

Did you tell yourself that you are fabulous?  Did you wear clean underwear?

Let me tell you, I have some work to do here (especially my knicker drawer lol) –

I know we can’t live our lives with fear of the unknown, but we can adopt a certain vigilance daily, keeping up beat and cheerful whilst we get clearing out our clutter and maybe treat ourselves to a few new socks and pants?

Being out of action physically for me, has not been easy, because I like to walk the dog and I was playing walking netball, it was like a real blow to me, as I had really only just got into doing exercise after months of acupuncture and pain management clinic to help with a chronic back problem.  It seemed as though the world was against me ever being active again. But then it really gave me a new understanding of how wheelchair bound people manage, how people in permanent pain feel daily, how do those suffering get through their days?  Puts manners on you.

I had, 6 weeks of sitting in my garden chatting to those extremely lovely friends who visited me (not a bad way to recover) Husband waiting on me hand and foot (literally he he).  Anyway, the thing is that recovery of an illness or a broken bone, sprain, bruise, poked eye etc.  Takes time and getting well means you have to give yourself good time and be super nice to yourself whilst you are doing this.

So my message here today is get into loving your life for exactly what it is now. But be prepared mentally and physically for change.  It’s inevitable.  Don’t be angry about changes, just prepared that you will wake up with a cold one day, you may break a bone or get an illness.

If you are not tidy, make a plan to get tidy.  That is mentally and physically.  Look at your health.  Are you actually in a prepared state to help your body recover quickly ?

I’m not just talking about your drawers (pardon the pun), I’m talking about your physical body, your mind set, your whole being.

Look after your lungs, your heart, your blood, feed yourself good food, choose carefully what you think and say and who you spend time with.

Ditch people from your social media and real life.  Some people bring you down – they really must go.

Life changes

So as the proverbial Boy Scout would say “Be prepared”

And with that I am going to go and sort out my Knicker drawer.  Here’s my to do list…….

Pants Drawer, Ironing pile, garage clear out, small bedroom sort, clothes re-cycle, shop for organic veggies, breathe, do a meditation, be kind, book a lymphatic drainage massage (thanks Arwa = lovely blogger lady) and then by lunch time …….

So off I go can’t sit here blogging all day !!!!

Yes Gill Today you are going to be super productive !!!! Go me, Go you, GO US.

I’ll let you know how I get on……….

Love as always from me.

Speedy recovery to my pal Keith.










Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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