Christmas Cake and Compassion

It’s Friday, it’s not five to five and it certainly isn’t Cracker Jack !!!  Showing my age there, for all you young or brain fog people “Cracker Jack” was a TV programme that was on at, yes you guessed it Five minutes To Five in the afternoon on a Friday.  Personally I Loved it and it was hosted by a bloke called Leslie Crowther.  I was young then and that was a comedy show that I really looked forward to  seeing.  Probably very – it was silly humour.

The reason I have mentioned it is because I am sat here, surrounded with beautiful candles, writing a blog on a laptop in a lovely home at the age of 57 thinking about a time in my childhood that was fun.  The sun hasn’t risen yet and if I was going to try and be philosophical…. has the sun risen yet in my life? Have I reached my great potential?  Is the best really yet to come?????

One thing is for sure I am not going to sit and debate it, I am going to take stock of the moment and express out loud “we cannot go back in time to do things better, we cannot turn back the clock, we can only go forwards along our delicious path of being us”


Businessman chasing a time - Time and tide wait for no man

We just cannot chase those minutes that have already gone, the seconds we missed because we didn’t notice, the moment we didn’t say what we wanted because of fear, distrust, lack of confidence or whatever.

All we can do is look ahead, and guess what’s coming ….

Christmas, oh yay don’t we love Christmas. Well I do, some of us have a love hate relationship with it and others are positively “The Grinch” and hate, in fact “Loathe” Christmas…

The Grinch

We can have a giggle at the Grinch and his antics, but he has a huge message, especially when you see all the gifts in the garbage.  Guilty as charged here, I have spent many years filling “Santa sacks” for my 2 children who have begged me not to give them “Tat” well one of them has, the other is easier to buy for.

But what is Christmas to us?  Is it about Cake and Carols, Christmas Trees and Chocolate, Turkey and Tinsel?

We run around in a frenzie, having parties, lunches, booze, writing cards, saying were not sending cards because (please say in a fashion worthy of such do-gooding) This year we are donating to charity so no cards for you”…..  Nooooooo you lazy so and so’s send the cards, give to charity aswell.

You think I’m being unfair?  Oh sorry #notsorry but come on it’s the time of year not only for over indulgence but for real compassion, a time where we can excel at being super nice, kinder, more thoughtful.

My lovely friend Betty always sent gifts and wrote her cards out and really made an effort to keep in touch with people at Christmas.  Let’s be more like Betty.

Let’s make that extra bit of effort, lets write that card and let people know that we are thinking about them at this time of year.

That Card may be the only thing that makes them smile that day.

Send a card

So I am going to do better, I am going to write some cards today and get them sent out.  Let’s get back to real compassion and thoughts via post.

Happy Compassion Time to you all.

Next Blog will be looking at the words of a few of our favourite carols…… bet you just can’t wait…

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Christmas love to you all.


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