Ready for Action… after a nice cup of tea..

Is tea the elixir of life?

In Britain, we do love our cup of tea with a dash of milk and those who don’t care about their teeth or general health stick sugar in it as well !  But it is a soothing drink, it warms us and calms us and it is part of our well being sometimes to sip on this brown hot drink in our favourite mug or afternoon tea in a china cup.  But why?

If we had never been given tea as a child would be ever think to drink tea? Or Coffee for that matter?  I gave it some thought and have decided that participating in this beverage of love brings us mentally to a place of calm, love even and most of all it gives us a bit of chemical inducement that gives us a happier vibe.


We are just addicted basically.  I love tea and have recently reduced my coffee intake, because I was thinking COFFEEEEEE a little too much but  we tend to replace one addiction with another, so instead of reaching for chocolate I am drinking tea more.  But yay, one addiction at a time and  I really think that tea is slightly healthier than coffee.

But I can talk myself into anything.  Are you a bit like me, you search for the google article that tells you the thing you long for is actually ok.  I found 2000 articles saying coffee was unhealthy and one that said it was good for you….. So which one do I want to believe?  Yes you got it, the ONE … but common sense prevails and even I know that something that makes you physically shake after a shot to many is probably not that good for you.


coffee big cup man

So I decided that I wasn’t feeling my best about October 2018, after my summer of healing my two sprained ankles and my broken leg, I just didn’t get my energy back and in fact I had started feeling shaky inside, like tremors but you couldn’t see them on the outside – I visited the doctor several times, different doctors, had blood tests, a kidney scan but nothing was showing up.  I obviously put all my symptoms into the google machine and studied the possible causes and came up with Adrenal Fatigue and Heavy Metal Toxicity.  So you know what it’s like when you feel you want to tell the doctor what you think is wrong with you (eek that doesn’t go down too well at all).  So I plucked up the courage to tell one of the doctors (not the Italian one – he was way to scary)  a nice young man, who…. Laughed out loud, he had never heard of Adrenal Fatigue and there was no chance I had heavy metal toxicity.  But he did refer me back to the Liver Clinic.

In the mean time… I met a man who was going to buy my boat but decided to buy his mates boat instead, by the by, but he told me to distill water, that our water was probably contaminated with metals etc.  (it was random, I never asked him for this information – I was busy talking yamaha outboards and picnics on the stern).  However this information came to me (as what I need always does #Law of Attraction and big belief).

Guess what ?  After 2 weeks of drinking distilled water instead of tap or bottled my tremors were subsiding !!!!!!   THEN ……….


I asked

I put it out there that I wanted to have help from a person who really knew about holistic health, someone to help me get my energy back.  I verbalised it and thought it would come to me I just had to take some action.

Then as if by magic (or by the power of the intention) My son introduced me to a brilliant woman called Francoise Kelley,  who I had a consultation with and she ordered me private medical tests, one for the adrenals and one for heavy metal toxicity and yes I have a problem with both.

So lucky for me, I had the little bit of cash needed to find my diagnosis, now she is helping me get my health back together. She is a wonderful person and I am eternally grateful to her for her expertise and care.  I now take a few supplements that have had an immediate affect on my energy levels, and the shaking is now a rare occurrence.

It is incredible the difference this lady has made to me, with energy comes confidence to achieve more.  Have you addressed your energy levels?  Go to your doctor and get the ball rolling if you are feeling energy depleted for no good reason.  People think oh it’s just my age, it’s menopause, its this or that, but with the right advice from a nutritional professional you can really make a difference to your well being.

Ask …… You’ll get your answers.

So with all this energy I wrote my first little mindset book.  I didn’t want to write something serious, I wanted it to be light hearted and funny, because that’s how I am.  As soon as it was published on Amazon I had heart sink.  I really felt I should have written a more serious book. But I’m over that now.  I’ll write another one.

So why don’t you get yourself a nice cup of tea, get your energy levels raised and smash out your goals?   Do it, don’t wait.  Life is for living don’t miss yours because you need some vitamins?   Find out how to increase your energy physically and mentally.

My little book is a start.

It’s called  The 30 Day Mindset Diet (no food) in this one.  But i’ts designed for you do do an action every day for 30 days and have fun with it.

My next retreat day is at the beautiful, Dairy Holistic Hub in Southport, Sharon the absolute goddess and I are running a Spa Day for the Heart.

It will include, meditations, heart health, heart connection for healing the mind body and spirit, yoga for gentle heart opening to receive, self love, self care, self… yes its about YOU…  also reiki (we are both reiki masters) …. It will be pure gorgeousness.

The link is at the bottom of the page… with Francoise Kelley’s linkedin

See you soon, let’s have a cuppa one day? I hope you like the book, or e book (sorry about the amazon price) I’ll send you extra heart connected love I thought it would be cheaper than that -but it will be great for batting away flies etc (multi purpose book is very useful) – so thank you … here’s to us and people like us….AYE





A Spa Day for your Heart ❣

Sunday, Feb 17, 2019, 10:00 AM

King St Southport, GB

6 Inspired Minds Attending

A DAY OF LOVE WITH SHARON STOCK AND GILL FELL Join Sharon Stock and Gill Fell for a whole day full of love for yourself and for others. Sharon is a fabulous yoga, reiki and holistic healer, Gill is an empowerment coach but this day will be about empowering ourselves to be totally in love with ourselves – heart health and love. It will be start to f…

Check out this Meetup →


My little book !!!! awwwwwww


















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