Falling off the wagon….again ?

It’s a lovely expression “falling off the wagon” normally referring to the non-essential imbibing of drinks, delicious drinkies of the alcoholic kind which serve no purpose in the nutritional sense but give us a giddy feeling, then a wild dancing drunk feeling, then we abuse everyone we know and love then smash a few guitars and chairs then wake up with the hangover from hell.  Then into the toilet bowl we beg forgiveness and say we promise we will never do it ever again.  Sound familiar?  Well I have to admit that I have had this experience in my life more than a few times and some would say well no wonder you have been sick in your life.. think about your liver? But the thing is that it is such a highly accepted sociable thing to drink alcohol that we switch our brains to over ride and default back to “Oh ok, just a small one then”.  We fall off again. We climb back up. We fall off again.  We climb back up.  But why?

This is hypothetical me lying in a meadow contemplating why the wagon is so slippery?

upside down photo of a womanBut it’s not just alcohol consumption that gives us the capacity to fall off our wagons of desire over and over again.  It’s like everything. We start something great then our desire to maintain the good thing wanes and we revert back to our former selves.  Our human selves the part of us that is seeking out the pleasure part of life, the fun part of life, the huge chocolate cake of life that we dive into after 2 weeks of healthy eating “because we have been good”…. Why is it we feel the need or actually allow ourselves to have the foods we know will make us ruin our healthy eating plan, or we get fitter then we think oh well that’s great, job done… I’ll just watch another full series on Netflix?

I like, eat salad for a day or 2 then expect the whole job to be done !!! Patience is not my virtue !!!

“Patience is a virtue, patience is a grace… and those who posses it, tend not to have a pretty face”  Pat Williamson (lol)

Even those who lose masses of weight, start to feel good about themselves, think the job is complete, then it’s like the evil fairy moves into the mindset and allows the old habits to creep back in. Like some form of wicked temptress cloaked in a sweet fake attitude of praise to lure us back to where we were before, because that place, that’s the place we felt comfort and joy.  Because we didn’t have to try, we were already fat, unfit etc.  So we didn’t have to find discipline because we had not started the diet yet, it wasn’t Monday so our exercise routine had not yet commenced. We had no holiday book so no beach body was required.   ahh Life seemed so easy then.  

Then we decide

I  need to drink less alcohol

I need to ride a bike or go to the gym to keep fit

I need to lose a stone in weight

I am going to stop dying my hair with colours

I am going to eat green veg everyday

I am going to stretch everyday and go to yoga

I am going to cook fresh organic food daily

I am going to meditate, write in my journal, do my gratitude list, do my daily exercises, do my good deeds, blah blah blah…….. I’m exhaused looking at the challenges I have given myself…. No wonder I feel drained and my wagon is so slippery with the sheer weight of my own expectations of myself…

and breathe…



err ok calm down

So is it how many times we fall off the proverbial wagon that matters? Or is it more a case of praising ourselves for how many time we clamber back on it, using any type of elevating item we can find.

A ladder in the form of self praise

A lift in the form of positive self talk

A bouncy trampet in the form of binaural music from Positive Audio

A hand held out… in the form of a hand held out for us.

Let’s focus on that.

Let’s jump back on that flipping wagon that leads us to being the us we want to be, make our excellent decisions and forgive the slip ups .

Yes, it’s good to fall off the wagon of disciplined life sometimes – it’s called living.  Let’s no be so self critical and try and find that boring old word MODERATION……


“Let Moderation be the Motivation”  by Gill Fell xxxxxx  So the moral of the story is…

“it’s not the falling off the wagon that counts, it’s how elegantly we can shuffle and clamber our way back on to it” by me Gill Fell xxxxxxx

Use the step ladder of self love and give yourself a lift up xxxxxx

TTFN now gotta go for a lie down (I mean a meditation) lol xxxxx


Love to you all

Gill Fell

Positive Not Perfect









Photo by Criativithy on Pexels.com


Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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