The Empowered Women’s Collective….a night to remember

Oh my goodness !!! A huge shout out to Elaine Bonfrer for organising such a great event.  It’s over on the Wirral in a beautiful venue called Sheldrakes restaurant and the room upstairs that is used for “The Empowered Women’s collective” has panoramic windows overlooking the Estuary of the River Dee. You feel the good energy as you enter the room.  Last night there were over 50 women attending to, as  Elaine said in her introduction Share Space and connect with each other in a loving way.

We started with a short meditation, 4 of us who are reiki masters stood around the group and helped to bring good energies, develop heart connections and a level of relaxed well being to each woman.

“We honour each other”  these were the words spoken by Elaine who gently and with purpose ran this magnificent event.  The Speakers were a huge mix of varying styles and subject matter.

Acceptance was spoken about by the lovely Lix Mearns, the struggles she had experienced with the birth of her son and how she has coped since.  Then I rocked up and did a bit about overthinking and an alternative collective of women.  I used props and it was a big opportunity to thank my daughter Olivia, who was in the audience.  she helped me so much when she was only a little girl.  I will be forever grateful to her.

I wanted to make the small point that we can be many people but if we are going to “over think” lets over think about good things. My make believe collective included

Audrey Hepburn, Joanna Lumley, Jackie Collins, Bambi’s mum (who I forgot to mention lol), Dory (the beautiful fish) with the 10 second memory, Madonna, Mother Teresa, Anne Frank, Victoria Woods.

I didn’t get to mention them all, but my point was that we change and that we can take the good bits, the parts we like about people and add them to us.

Briefly I mentioned the health problems that I have experience, but how grateful and lucky I feel to be here. Over thinking made me sick.

It’s time to stop the over thinking and flip thoughts to better places. My favourite bit of my little presentation was how empowered I feel when I wear big pants, every woman would feel better in them.  Marilyn Monroe got a little mention here.

I finished up and was delighted with the love I felt from the audience.  It wasn’t a perfect delivery by any means but I spoke from my heart and I hope that my tiny message was enjoyed.

Then…. Oh my goodness after the break Elaine’s sister shared her story. It was Suse first time speaking in public about her experiences as a child but she had the room fixated on her words. She had been abused sexually as a child, I felt every emotion with the words she delivered – as she spoke tears were flowing, it was obvious that in that room there were kindred spirits. We understood, we felt her pain.  It was an honour and a privilege to listen to this beautiful woman release some of her emotion and let go.

Her message…… She has forgiven them, she has found love, fun and happiness, she brings her own daughters up with confidence and courage, she has happiness and a wonderful fun husband and a career as a doctor.

Wow, at the end of her speech the audience rose to their feet – we were all empowered her words will stay with us and remind us all for a very long time.

Then to complete the evening the extremely humorous Joanna Broughton had us in stitches with her very lively and incredibly funny performance, covering the subject of weight gain from being “a woman of a certain age” or was it just down to copious amount of mini danish pastries at a buffet breakfast.  Joanna leapt about as she had us in fits of laughter at her antics.

The evening closed with a thank you from Elaine and a group photo. All in all it was a wonderful evening, it certainly made me step out of my comfort zone and get backup on stage speaking. (someone needs to shut me up sometimes)

But thank you Elaine Bonfrer, Liz Mearns, Suse Harris and Joanna Broughton it was a privilege to be with you all at this amazing event.


The next one is in September and I just cannot wait for it.

It was lovely to see people that I have connected with over the years and share some warm hugs and genuine love and appreciation for each other.

Gill Fell - Sheldrakes Womens Collective

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