I am The Light of My Soul…..

Oh my goodness, what took me so long to hear this prayer or mantra (you choose) …. “I am the light of my soul, I am bountiful, I am beautiful, I am bliss, I am, I am………”

This has to be the most beautiful song (yes I’ll call it a song), it taps into the frequency of your heart, your love your connection and wow did I feel it.

How Gill how I hear you cry, because I stepped right out of my comfort zone and booked into a Kundalini Yoga retreat.  A whatty? Yeah I know, I had never been on a retreat before and last year I saw this one that was being run by a woman called Beth Morgan, I had never met her and had no clue what it was all about, but I booked on.  Then boom I accidentally broke my fibula and sprained both ankles so was rendered seated for the summer.  But Beth kindly held my deposit until this year. So off I went to the Llyn Peninsular to be alone in my vintage caravan and do some omming with some unknown people.

Scary …… but I was ready (ready for what I was totally unsure about)

A few weeks before I had been introduced to a lovely song, sang by Jai Jagdeesh the amazing woman who is Elaine Bonfrer played the song at  her event on the Wirral where I was a guest speaker. (see previous blog)…. I loved this repetitive song and sang along to it on the way to Ty Coch, Red Wellie Retreat centre.

Well low and behold, wasn’t this song featured all the way through the weekend.  A co-incidence? I wonder? Or is the time becoming my time?  My time to catch up with what is meant for me. My time to allow myself to align with my higher self.

DSC01011 (1)

Who is your higher self?  When you don’t even know who your lower and middle selves are how can you reach this greater person? Well all was about to be revealed !!!!!

I will tell the story in photo’s now……. you will get the idea of how fabulous this experience was………

In Summary, the food was amazing, thank you to Louise who did an exceptional job and is the most adorable person.  The mantras and prayers were selected with accuracy and honesty. Beth Morgan delivered the most incredible selection of Kundalini Yoga exercises (there are more appropriate words but I am new so have not got the hang of it yet).

There was dancing, singing, meditations, movement, weeping, laughing, chatting and cheering, swimming in the sea. New people to learn from. Hearts being opened to wonderful revelations about ourselves.

Beautiful pathways

Glorious nature

New Friendships

Bubbles (obviously)

Higher vibrational energy

Kundalini Yoga

Eating delicious food

Watching the Sunset

Swimming in the Sea

Making fabulous dream catchers (well mine needs a tad more work on it !!)

Loving life

Every word was delivered with heart felt love and connection.

Beth Morgan, was like a pure goddess, with nothing but love about her.  It was a priviledge to be in her company and those who attended were the most delightful, kind, generous people.

Our emotions flowed and for me the answers came and for that I am grateful.

I will put a link here to the beautiful mantra and I would love it if you choose to sing it as I will be every day now, just in case I ever forget.

My intentions are out there and they are simple, My paintings are guiding me, my love connecting hearts is spot on for where I want to be now.  And let’s face it now is the only time we have……



So it is with gratitude that I say

Sat Nam

Truth is my identity

Hello world, I am catching up.  Please wait for me those who are already aligned with the frequency of love…. I feel ready.


Gill Fell

Positive Not Perfect

Instagram  gill_fell




Author: gillfell

I am passionate about helping people achieve more out of life, I have lots of ideas and information about staying upbeat, healthy and getting what you want out of life. My mission is to help you transform your mindset so you really believe you can have the life you want. I have tried and tested techniques for you, I will help you get there and enjoy happiness along your journey.

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