Gill Fell Liverpool

Pick Gill Fell Positive Not Perfect.

Positive Not Perfect has been my motto forever and that’s such a long time. I am nearer 60 than 50 and I have covered a lot of life in my many years.

Read this quickly…. I don’t really do slow, I’m a fast pace kind of woman, I joined the Royal Navy before my 18th Birthday and quickly became a Physical Training Instructor, motivating the ships company at many Royal Navy bases to become fit and healthy, active and happy. Then I was the UK answer to Jane Fonda in the 80’s I was the leotard and leg warmers, high impact aerobics teacher who was flying across the room to Fame’s – “I wanna live forever” then I entered the world of Leisure Management working for various health clubs. I’ve been divorced, a Single Mother, a girl friend, a scorned woman, the motivator, the motivated, the mentally abused the physically used.

I have lost my confidence, I have gained it back. I have been a business owner and a business consultant. I have been an employee, and a self employed business owner. I have had two children who are nearly well balanced, they love their mum. I have had the diagnosis of Cancer three times and the last time I was told I was incurable, I have had a palliative care nurse ring me on a Friday, I tried to help her be motivated and happy for her weekend.

I changed my life, I changed the way I eat, exercise and most of all think. I am a self confessed person looking to help others and improve myself. I am naughty. I love a giggle and I love dressing up and having fun. I have a Cabin in my garden, a big Bell Tent and a little boat on the canal. I blow bubbles and just lately I have broken a bone in my leg and sprained my ankle… I am embracing every little thing that happens in my life. Life is for living, Life is for fun. I run retreats and coach people to be happier and get a nice flow of life I have worked for the British Police as a PE, self defence, stress and life coach = My life experiences are not finished yet. I have lived through menopause, empty nest, being young, having problems, having illness, but I have a strategy for life and this is my next mission. Fun Fashion, wrinkles, white eyebrows???? Beauty when you have wrinkles Confidence building in life whatever your age, self worth and love I love music and dancing – although I have a serious back injury and often can’t walk after a good boogie.

I find a way I look for the good in myself and the good in you = teamwork is key I love the Laws of the Universe and speak everyday to people about their mindset. I am a work in progress, learning all the new stuff and struggling through but loving every day.

I am Gill Fell Positive Not Perfect.

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